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Updates being done on this website and my other websites

My Kidney in 2010

It continues to surprise and humble me that has continued to do well long after my departure from the site and sparse non-existent presence for nearly two years. To this day, I regularly receive email from kidney patients and their friends and families asking for advice and, more often than not, also expressing their concern for me and inquiring about my well-being. Thank you so much for all of your emails, Tweets, and Facebook contacts - they have not gone unnoticed.

On that note...

What's up with #MyKidney... (my transplant, not this blog!)

I'm 2 years post-renal transplant. I've had no kidney complications, but I get bloodwork and see my doctor routinely every 1-2 months to monitor my health.

Three weeks ago during routine bloodwork, my serum (blood) creatinine level (a measure of kidney function) went from a very stable 1.0 (normal for me) to 1.4-1.5 (abnormal for me) indicating a problem.

My Kidney Blog Maintenance

The My Kidney Blog site has been updated -

~ Upgraded to Drupal 6.4.

~ Installed the new releases of the Comment Notify, Comment Closer and Akismet modules.

  • Note to fellow MyKidney Bloggers: You will now start receiving emails whenever someone leaves comments on your posts!
  • Note to Everyone: The Comment Closer module will auto-close commenting on posts older than one month. If you read an archived post and have something to say, the My Kidney Bloggers would love to receive a contact email.
  • Note to Spammers: Akismet will eat you.

~ My Kidney Blog has been added to under the Health category. When you've got a moment, take a peek at AllTop's site and check out the new sidebar button. Good job, everyone!

I might just have a NoBloPoMo

My good friend Judy mentioned in one of her posts recently that it seems many bloggers are taking a break from writing - all for a variety of reasons. She suggested that maybe we all need a NoBloPoMo (a No Blog Posting Month)...

... I might just have one right about now.

It's not that I don't want to blog or that I don't have things to say/express/share, it's more about the timing, or the lack of time I'm going to have for to blogging in the upcoming month.

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