Daily Life

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Looking ahead for the rest of the week

I'm so, soo tired, today. I'm getting that achy-all-over feeling that means I'd better slow down... or else. I don't see much 'slowing down' in my immediate future, though.

I still have a lot to look forward to this week...

I took my kidney out for some retail therapy

After my hellatious weekend last week, I decided to take my kidney to the mall today for some retail therapy.

Junk Food

Today has been a junk food day - I swear I'm eating everything I can find that is salty, sweet, fat-laden and not less than a bagillion calories.

Once in awhile can't hurt, can it?

Another day, another LifeLink appointment

More blood work this morning, early. Trending in the "good and ever-so-slightly-better" mode...

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