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Party ON!

Ultimate Blog Party 2008 Here's something fun to do, and while it has absolutely nothing to do with kidneys (or health or medications) it certainly can't be bad to party with me at the Ultimate Blog Party 2008! Fun and crazy parting on the net - woo hoo!

Without further adieu, let me introduce myself to you...

I'm Krissi. I'm a 31 year old optimistic realist, and My Kidney Blog tells you about (part of) my life's story: of my life-long journey with chronic kidney disease (CKD), kidney failure (ESRD), hemo-dialysis and kidney transplantation.

Life is Awesome = Awesome Labs this Week

Had my weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) visit with my Neph today. Also reviewed last Wednesday's and yesterday's blood work - SURPRISE! This week's labs were awesome...

... almost in a 'maybe I shouldn't celebrate just yet' sort of way. But, caution to the wind - I'm jumping for joy!

I'm the 'not sick one' for once...

One thing that a chronically ill person doesn't often have the opportunity to do is care for their own loved ones when they are ill...

...usually it's the other way around...

Even though Ken has been sick for the last 4 days, I've loved being able to reciprocate all of the "caring for" he has done for me over the last million years.

Quick - Where's my CleanWell hand sanitizer?!

Ken started coughing night before last. By last night he looked miserable... today he slept until 3 PM.

Alek informed me after I picked him up from school today that he has a sore throat... "but I don't have a cold, Mommy, I'm fine".

Uh oh. Quick - Where's my CleanWell hand sanitizer?

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