Living with CKD

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Emergency preparedness for people with kidney disease

The basic emergency kit for kidney disease patients and The 3-day emergency diet

Back in Action

I'm back! Everything went smoothly. I was bored in the hospital. The first two dialysis treatments went off without much of a hitch - the only minor problem being that my fistula is still a little underdeveloped and I bruised a lot on my arm. Here's a picture of me from my very first treatment on Tuesday (under a pile of blankets, as usual, because I'm always cold... even though I live in Florida!!)

Thanks to everyone who left well-wishes in my journal(s) and emailed me! I'll be posting a full-report a little later...

Pre-dialysis Labs

January 8, 2004: Creatinine - 6.2; BUN - 65; HCT - 35.3; HGB - 12.1
January 20, 2004: Creatinine - 7.0; BUN - 76

Estimated Creatinine Clearance - 9.5 (i.e. 9.5% kidney function)

I think its time for dialysis before I get any sicker...

Optimistic Realism


Another patient said:it's still hell. not to sound so negative, but i dont want to sugarcoat it for you.

Sweetie, I never expect anything sugarcoated. I've had a very, very long time to get used to this, and it doesn't frighten or depress me. Sure, I have days when I feel sorry for myself, but, who doesn't? Even 'healthy' people feel sorry for themselves sometimes. I prefer to find the positive in the negative. I don't think this is a bad experience. I think its a good learning experience. I think its a good thing I have kidney failure instead of something else. I think its a GOOD OPPORTUNITY for me to do something different with my life. I don't try to find the negatives, yet I don't deny that there ARE negatives to dialysis and kidney failure. I'm what I call an 'Optimistic Realist' - I'm realistic about what IS, and I'm optimistic about WHAT CAN BE. :)

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