My Kidney Blog is crawling back to life. I've finally had a chance to get a few things in order and reorganize the theme and sidebars.



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I'm Away, Leave a Message

My Kidney Blog has been offline far longer than I ever anticipated for it to be. Even though a disaster of sorts has occurred here on this site, a bigger disaster has occurred in my personal life.

Aside from this site losing more than 6 weeks worth of blog posts, I've also lost all the user accounts and most of my custom settings (sidebars, etc.) I need to have time to work on the site and get it back up and running... it just can't happen at this very moment.

I'd gladly have given away my entire website and everything in it to have my lost friend back...

Temporary Online - Sort of...

2008-04-22 @ 2030 EST

OK, here's the deal - My Kidney Blog is currently under maintenance. Why?

... because the site admin (that would be me) purchased a simple Drupal theme from that didn't function as advertised...

In order to resolve my dissatisfaction, I politely asked for a refund (they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee) and was referred to 'Paul' in tech support who would 'fix' my problem, therefore resulting in my not wanting my guaranteed satisfaction in the form of a refund.

Paul instructed me to do four simple little steps to set-up the theme properly:

1) Download the most recent version of Drupal (already using it);

2) Install the most recent version Drupal (see #1);

3) Move the purchased theme to my themes folder (CHECK);

4) Add a MySQL dump file (which he emailed me, supposedly directly from the theme's creator) to my database... (UH, CHECK... weird, but OK...)

The four simple steps resulted in a wipe of the entire database (!!!!!!)

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