I think I took too many pills :( My teeth hurt. My hives/rash hurt. I have cramps on top of all that. I took a bunch of Tylenol and Tylenol 3 and now I feel... funny ... but everything still hurts :(



My rash/hives has come back, again, for like the 4th time since the beginning of May. It hurts, too. Tylenol doesn't work, neither did the Codeine I took last night. Ok, I feel better now. Sorta. Ok, not really.

Weird Rash....


This weird rash is trying to start up again. I finished my second round of Prednizone on Saturday and almost immediately my skin started going haywire again. This time its a little different - more like a rash than hives/boils. I'm extremely itchy all over and if I don't try really hard I'm scratching the skin on my arms raw. I'm using some homeopathic drops that seem to help, at least temporarily, so I'm hoping this won't develop into a full-blown stress-bump attack again. I've been battling this thing since the beginning of May and every time I think it's gone, it comes back again. This time it feels more like a rash you get when you're allergic to something you touch instead of individual hives. Weird.

I'm "Krissi-No-Insurance"

It's finally happened. I've lost my health insurance. The e-mail I got this morning:

btw... I don't think you're covered medically anymore. Tom

...and a call to Tri-Care confirmed it. I knew this was coming, but what I didn't realize was that my coverage loss would be retrospective - back to July 17th. I had asked him to please call me *before* he un-enrolled me, but I guess I should have expected this from him... So here I am, almost past the 63 day enrollment period for COBRA and I'm probably gonna be getting crazy bills I wasn't expecting all the way back from July. I'm still scared and unsure of the whole lack of insurance. Right now I'm racking up some hefty bills including drugs and lab work. I still haven't received my first child support check and every month I get further behind. We live a great life and my son has everything he needs and wants, but my CREDIT is suffering so harshly from all of this. I'm trying not to let my stress level get out of hand (because I know I'll break out in hives again) but I can feel my heart pounding and the tears at the edge of my eyeballs... For just once, I wish I didn't have to worry about my health impacting EVERY aspect of my life.

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