Where's my "get-out-of-jail-free" card?

I think all the various drugs I'm currently on are really screwing with my head. I've felt close to tears all day, yet there's no real reason. I'm taking all my usual meds (Lisinopril, Zocor, Calcium Carbonate & Diatx) minus my birth control pill (note to self - need to go to the pharmacy and pick up another refill) plus the Prednizone and Cephalexin (antibiotic) and Darvocet for the pain (but only at night now). I know my anemia *must* be effecting me because I FEEL tired and lethargic. I've also been running a low grade temp (around 100 to 101) for a couple of days so I feel hot cold hot cold hot cold. I've got two completely separate problems (or so it seems, maybe they'll end up being related, but so far the verdict is still out) - the skin thing and the ongoing, ever present failing kidneys and associated problem of anemia as a result. I feel like my body is out of control. Where's my "get-out-of-jail-free" card?

Today was Better...


... not as much pain. At least I was able to semi-function. Even went out for lunch with Ken and Alek. Took a nap for 3 hours... Alek slept for part of that and played quietly for the rest of the time. I slept pretty solidly and got some good R&R outta it. Cleaned the house (much needed after 3 days not feeling good) and ended up deciding to go to Publix at 7 PM. I usually don't go grocery shopping so late, but I was really low on everything - started to make Alek a PB&J for his lunch tomorrow and discovered the bread was a nice fuzzy greenish color. Didn't really have much else around in terms of toddler school-lunch so we went shopping. I don't feel 100% but I do feel much better. Tomorrow I will start the Prednizone and hopefully the bumps will go away. I'm looking forward to finding out what it all means... Ta ta for now :)

Today is no Better


.... in fact, I might feel worse. I can't tell anymore. The Darvocet is really screwing with me... I can't tell what feels bad from the pain and what feels bad from the drugs. I haven't taken any in about 9 hours, but I still feel strung out. Haven't started taking the Prednizone yet, the doc wanted me to wait until Monday to see if the antibiotic alone would do the trick. So far nothings changed. I decided we're not going out tonight so I called and left a message for the babysitter. Hope she got it. These are the days when I wish I could have a babysitter 24/7 so my poor little boy wouldn't be bored out of his mind. I feel so bad for him. I'm a bad mommy. All I can do is change him and feed him and that's about it. He plays with his toys and drives me crazy the rest of the time. Ken was here until just a little bit ago, but he had to go home. Of course Alek is having one of those "lets go crazy and do everything we're not supposed to" days - screaming at the top of his lungs, taking all his clothes off for no reason, unplugging everything he can get his little hands on, throwing his food when I feed him, banging his toys on the wall to the point where I think the neighbors will complain... I just want to sit here and cry. And then sleep. My head is swimming, I'm thirsty, I hurt all over. I'm a mess, huh?

Miscellaneous Stuff


Today I'm better, but only slightly. Mouth and skin rash/bumps/hives still hurt. Going to 2 different doctors appointments tomorrow so maybe someone can figure out what's wrong with me (besides the obvious). Oh and I still have cramps, but those are normal.

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