Today I start my IV iron treatments - 3 hours, once a week for the next 4 weeks. I have to go and sit at a cancer center among sick people getting chemotherapy and get iron dripped into my blood from an IV. I don't like being around sick people, but there is one thing it does for me... It makes me very thankful that I have what I do and that I'm not dying (at least not right away). I plan to start reading "The Hobbit" while I'm there (what else can I do for 3 hours sitting there?!) I read this book when I was in maybe fourth or fifth grade so I don't really remember much of it. One of my goals for this year is to read all of the Lord of the Rings books before seeing the last LOTR movie at the end of the year. I'm almost done reading "From a Buick 8" by Stephen King. Ken gave it to me for Christmas and I've been slowly chipping away at it. I don't have nearly as much time to read as I wish I did, but I try to read a little every day. There are so many more Stephen Kings that I have left to read, even though I've read maybe 30 so far (I've lost count). I also have a headache from my high blood pressure today. My blood pressure has been going up steadily since beginning the Procrit injections (its a known side effect) and so far the addition of Cozaar hasn't really helped to keep it under control. I'm hoping the doctor will up my dose or something because the last time my blood pressure got out of control (five years ago) I ended up with migraines about once a week. Don't wanna do that again...


Whoa! My hematocrit (blood count) jumped from 28 to 40! My iron is still in the dumps - only 5% saturation (it should be between 25-42%). I'm scheduled for my first IV Iron treatment on Thursday for three hours. I will receive this for four weeks in a row. But the best part is my hematocrit. Now I should start feeling better soon as I'm no longer so anemic!



... is better, at least I can manage to function. Got to work OK without getting sick. Now I'm just trying to catch up.

Cheering Squad Beware


Today I am sick. This is why there have been no entries from me today... I got up and tried to go to work. Had to pull over on the way there and throw up about four times. Decided it was in my best interest to go home and go to bed. One amusing thing - as I sat in the front seat throwing up out of my open door, Alek sat in the backseat and clapped his hands and said "Yay! Yay!" Nice to know that when I'm sick I've got my very own cheering section :) I will be better tomorrow. I don't believe I have the flu, just something wrong with the "way things work" in my body. I have good days and bad, this one, obviously, was bad. The only thing that makes me angry is this "sort of behavior" from my body does a darn good job of slowing me down. And I hate being slowed down. It cramps my style. *sigh* I am already feeling better, just very weak from lack of being able to keep anything down and dehydrated from losing water.

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