My first question was about babies

This post is for someone who needs it.

Hi Krissi,

My name is Terri. Thank you for sharing your journey both with your Kidney Transplant and the adoption of your son. My husband has his first appointment next week at Lifelink, Tampa. He was also diagnosed with FSGS. He did have a transplant several years ago but it had to be removed several days later due to a clot. My sister-in-law adopted two children a girl from Peru and a boy from Korea.

Thanks Krissi, great timing on this post. I would love to adopt one day, even if I was able to conceive, but I'm still having trouble coming to terms with not having a kid on my own. I CAN have a baby, if I really wanted to, but my husband is afraid and is now oppossing the idea. And even though I feel that the ends justifies the means, he (and my doctors) only see a risk where I see a chance. Worse, the more time that passes, the more my chance slips away. Then I'll have no risk, and no chance to have my own baby. My husband says that I am only thinking about my self, but with all that you have gone through, with kidney failure, and dialysis, and transplant, the fear, the pain - if you could have gotten a baby from all of that, would you still have chosen that road? I'm not afraid of dialysis, as long as I can come home and hold my baby in my arms. But then I've never been on dialysis, so I have no idea how to be rational. I don't know, I'm sorry, I'm blogging on your blog! I just feel very alone, and i don't know what to do.

"would you still have chosen that road? I

Good luck with your husband's appointment at LifeLink - everyone there is WONDERFUL!

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