Food Poisioning?


Ugh. Last night was awful. I was fine all day yesterday, even in the evening when Eric came over to borrow my car and hung out with me for awhile, I was fine. I was fine when I ate a bowl of cereal for dinner and fine when I went to bed at 11 PM. But by 12:30 I *was not* fine at all. I woke up and was up until 6 AM throwing up, having watery diarrhea and horrible stomach pains. Additionally, I started having muscle cramps in my legs after a very short time because I got waaaay too dehydrated. Ken had decided earlier in the day to stay at his house because he was up pretty late gaming with some friends, so I was all on my own. I called him at 2:30 AM because I was feeling miserable and then again at 5:00 because I felt worse. I started getting scared that I would get up to go to the bathroom and then pass out and no one would be here. I felt sooo bad asking him to come over, but I really didn't feel safe by myself and with Alek, too. He came over and I finally was able to go to sleep (even though I was still waking up every hour or so with leg cramps). I ended up sleeping most of today - I put Alek in his room with the baby gate across the door, gave him a sippy and some snacks and left the baby monitor on just in case. He was pretty happy playing by himself for awhile, and I did manage to get up twice for about an hour each time to feed him breakfast and lunch, but I felt bad for him having to be all by himself all day. By the late afternoon he was crying and just sitting on his bed looking pretty sad and forgotten - which made me cry, too, and feel guilty - but I snuggled him for an extra long time and he seems better now. The whole experience really wore me out so now all I need is a little food in my system and a lot of water. I think sleeping helped, too. I'm not sure why all this happened. The only thing I can think of is food poisoning - all I had to eat yesterday was spaghetti from the cafe below my work (I love their spaghetti and eat it often, never had a problem before...) and a bowl of cereal for dinner. It couldn't have been the milk from the cereal, because Alek's been drinking it and he's perfectly fine. I feel much better now. Sort of weak and pathetic, but I think I'll live. :)