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Heparin Recall & Dialysis

Baxter Issues Urgent Nationwide Voluntary Recall of Heparin 1,000 Units/ML 10 and 30mL Multi-Dose Vials: Baxter News Release

Yesterday, Today

Yesterday and today rocked. I actually got dressed! And went out of the house (yes, both days!) AND enjoyed it!

Wearing pants still hurts like a MOFO, though.

H2O-hhh Noes!

I'm bad. I know I haven't been drinking enough water, lately, yet I haven't done anything about it.

H2O-hhh, noes!

Donate Life AZ License Plate

While we vacationed in Arizona over the holidays, I happened to see a vehicle in a parking lot that had the actual Donate Life official symbol on the license plate!

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