The words on the wall look BIG when your face is smooshed against them


This week I've had an awesome amount of energy, but yesterday afternoon I sort of hit a wall...

... the wall that says, (as my face is smooshed against it and the words suddenly look large and looming) "SLOW DOWN OR YOU'LL REGRET IT!"

Yup. Got it.

I've also had that achy feeling all over, like a fibro flare approaching. Which, in essence, means I'd better pay attention to myself NOW if I want to avoid total shut-down.

I'm feeling very stressed, lately, and it's becoming more of a physically-manifested issue. Last night's heated argument on the phone with someone I care deeply for didn't help. My mind and body are very connected.


I took the liberty of sleeping late this morning in hopes to avoid wanting to sleep (like the dead) for four hours in the late afternoon (like I've done for the past two days). I feel refreshed but still stressed. I'm not as physically achy today, either.

I need to handle some of this stress (most likely in the form of blog posting) soon. Or the big bad I'm in bed for a week monster will rear it's ugly head. And DAMNIT I'm tired of being in bed.

Wow! What a great description. I've never been able to explain that feeling so well as you have.

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