LifeLink Appointment Tomorrow AM

I have a LifeLink post-op appointment tomorrow AM with my renal transplant team. They need to do tests to make sure my kidney came through the most recent surgery OK.

I'm worried that the 'kinked' Foley cath used during my hoo-hoo-ectomy will have had a negative effect on my transplanted kidney.

I mean WTH? I had pee backed up into my bladder and possibly into the kidney with 0% urine output into the cath bag... and NO ONE THOUGHT TO CHECK TO SEE IF IT WAS CLAMPED? Wouldn't that be the first thing to check if you were worried about why the patient wasn't producing any urine into the cath bag???

Also some of my numbers in the hospital were off - my usual creatinine has been running .7-1.0 since my transplant, but in the hospital post-surgery my creatinine was 1.2. That's kinda scary...

I'm trying not to worry but I know what's to loose.

I hope it goes well for you. :)

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