Life is Awesome = Awesome Labs this Week

Had my weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) visit with my Neph today. Also reviewed last Wednesday's and yesterday's blood work - SURPRISE! This week's labs were awesome...

... almost in a 'maybe I shouldn't celebrate just yet' sort of way. But, caution to the wind - I'm jumping for joy!

After being frustrated at the discrepancies between blood draws/labs depending on the facility (and the fact that Quest apparently thinks 'STAT' means four days) I decided to go to a different lab which is further away, but directly associated with the hospital.

Their 'STAT' labs were back in less than 24 hours... just in time for today's doctor's appointment.

My creatinine is down to .9!!! My BUN was only 12! My other labs are stable! The only thing that needs close supervision are my WBC counts - my WBCs are going down fairly dramatically.

So, I'm celebrating for three reasons - because my blood work is looking good; for the fact that I've had a great amount of energy and gotten a lot of things done in the last three days; and for my personal "reward" (for a multitude of reasons) by planning an upcoming trip to Philly :)

Life is awesome.

Philly?!? I happen to know someone in Philly :)

Really? Who would that be? :)

I'm on the way if you need a stop just north of DC.

Glad to hear that your levels are down to the good side of the ranges.

Wow, I hopped over to your link of things you've gotten done. I'm green with envy!

Rob -

LOL on 'road trips' - I fully admit that whenever I have to be in a car for longer than a half-hour I get very, very cranky. I love traveling, but never by car. I'll be flying...

... regardless, I really need to make a trip to the DC area - it's been far too long since I've been there. I have a lot of friends in that area. I used to go up (over? I lived in Texas, then) every month for about 18 months (participated in a clinical trial at NIH) and I love spending time there.

Maybe soon. :)


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