Quick - Where's my CleanWell hand sanitizer?!

Ken started coughing night before last. By last night he looked miserable... today he slept until 3 PM.

Alek informed me after I picked him up from school today that he has a sore throat... "but I don't have a cold, Mommy, I'm fine".

Uh oh. Quick - Where's my CleanWell hand sanitizer?

...come to think of it, I feel a little tickle in the back of my throat...

No! I will not get sick!! I have had ENOUGH in the last two months - enough is ENOUGH! I have been diligently using my new anti-bacterial CleanWell handsoap and hand sanitizer since coming home from the hospital after my hoo-hoo-ectomy, and I've successfully avoided 'normal' germs thus far... I know CleanWell will not fail me now!

*puts on fighting gear and arms self with bottles of CleanWell*

Lucky for me, The Parent Blogger Network sent me an awesome assortment of CleanWell hand soaps and hand sanitizer to evaluate. Boy, did I luck out - I love this stuff!

Now that my family's been using CleanWell products for a little over a month, I can attest to how much they're loved in this house. Not only by our family, but by our guests, too. I've even done a secret little survey of our guests (pouncing on them after they've been in the bathroom - hee hee) by asking them, "do you like the CleanWell soap better than the anti-bacterial soap you use at home?" - and I swear *holds up right hand* that they've all said and enthusiastic "yes!"

Score one (and love all around) for CleanWell!

Before I burst, I must tell you about the CleanWell product scents! First of all, our whole family loves the change from predicable "hand soap smell" that is the same regardless of brand. The CleanWell hand soap smells like - well, NOT SOAP! More like a beautiful bouquet of spices and scents of exotic desserts. Or maybe like opening a window when one's flowers are in full-bloom. On that note, we do have some favorite CleanWell hand soap scents around here - apparently two of the three of us love the Orange Vanilla flavored hand soap best (because "MOOOOOMMMMMMMMY, it smells like an orange dream bar!"). MY favorite scent, on the other hand, is the Ginger Bergamot (because it smells like... Ginger and Bergamot).

When someone washes their hands it smells like heaven in my house...

Did I also mention how much I now absolutely can not live without the CleanWell hand sanitizer? Seriously - I carry around a bottle in my purse, one in my car and a BIG ONE sits in the bathroom (because 7-year-old boys really need soap AND sanitizer... trust me on this one...)

You might remember when I wrote "Post-Transplant Essentials: Hand Sanitizer in November after my kidney transplant. I said:

  • "...one of the easiest things you can do [to protect your new transplant from germs] is purchase hand sanitizer, and use it diligently..."

... and now I can finally recommend something that offers a difference from those 'other' hand sanitizers:

  • "Only CleanWell contains an all-natural formulation that kills germs and leaves hands soft - all without the use of artificial fragrances or alcohol that can dry out your skin... With no artificial chemical agents, CleanWell is safe for kids, pets, and those with sensative skin. It is safe to touch, inhale and expose to food surfaces... The ingredients in CleanWell come from rapidly renewable resources that grow abundantly worldwide."


Here's something else: Wanna win a contest?

  • CleanWell Moments Photo Contest- For Women Who Aren't Afraid to get Dirty!

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    CleanWell just launched our new product at Target Stores – an antibacterial handwash that is all-natural, smells fantastic, and is powerful enough to kill 99.99% of germs including MRSA (drug resistant staph) which we think is news worth sharing!

    And speaking of sharing, we're giving CleanWell products away as part of the photo contest! The contest runs from Feb 5th-Feb 29th. If you want a part of the action, be sure to enter the CleanWell Moments Photo Contest at Shutter Sisters.

    It's a dirty world. Go out and enjoy it. Oh, and don't forget your camera!

And, hey - I'm pretty sure that CleanWell might not be able to take responsibility for my kid bringing home germs from school (because, seriously? Does his school even make other him or other kids even wash their hands?!) and making himself sick, but I'll be darned if he gives the germs to me.

*begins spritzing everything with CleanWell sanitizer Heh*