Thank you - It's Good to Have You as My Friend

It means so much to me that all of you took the time to send me hugs and good wishes on Facebook, Twitter and Tokbox and in all the other ways we stay close as friends.

This is such a scary thing for me. It feels like I'm re-living the entire experience as a young teenager when I first found out I had a serious chronic illness... the only difference is that I now know EXACTLY what road lies ahead.

I'm so very hopeful that things will proceed smoothly and that if my life's destiny to somehow find health that it will happen quickly (please!!) If my destiny is to continue bearing this burden, then I wish for the wisdom, strength and courage I've witnessed from many of my peers: The ability to be chronically happy and chronically positive.

I will keep all of you updated as best I can. In the meantime, I'm spending the next 3 weeks in NJ / NYC / PA with very close friends... I'm not quite there (I'll arrive tomorrow!) but I already feel surrounded by all of you...

Thank you - I love you all.