What's up with #MyKidney... (my transplant, not this blog!)

I'm 2 years post-renal transplant. I've had no kidney complications, but I get bloodwork and see my doctor routinely every 1-2 months to monitor my health.

Three weeks ago during routine bloodwork, my serum (blood) creatinine level (a measure of kidney function) went from a very stable 1.0 (normal for me) to 1.4-1.5 (abnormal for me) indicating a problem.

Since, I have had several tests to determine what is wrong, including a renal ultrasound (to check for blood flow/blockages) extensive bloodwork, and medication changes. Today (July 27) I had a renal needle biopsy performed using sedation (mild anesthesia) at Tampa General Hospital. The procedure went as expected, without complications and only very little residual pain.

If the problem is urgent, I will know tomorrow morning and will be re-hospitalized to receive IV medications. If the problem is chronic or only mildly acute, it will continued to be monitored on an out-patient basis (with bloodwork and doctors visits, etc.) over the next few weeks, months, and ultimately throughout my lifetime.

I know that I have a 25% chance that my transplanted kidney could eventually become diseased with the original chronic kidney ailment (FSGS) that lead to my native kidney failure/dialysis/need for transplantation. So far, however, no other signs of FSGS reoccurrence have been clinically present, so at this time the doctors feel it is most likely not this issue.

It is also quite possible there will be no explanation for the jump in creatinine (the loss of kidney function) as this does happen from time to time in transplantees. The most I can hope for is that any damage already done can be reversed, or if not reversible, will not continue.

Hope this explanation helped!

Thank you all for your thoughts and messages - they've all meant so much to me.

<3 K