Happy Kidney Day - My Two Year Kidneyversary!

On June 11, 2007 around 10:30 am my brother and I were in adjacent operating rooms. He was giving me the gift of life: one of his kidneys.

Two years have certainly flown by quite quickly - many changes, yet life still remains as mysterious and confusing as ever. Having a functioning kidney has allowed me much more freedom to LIVE, but I'm still figuring out my place in the world... then again, aren't we all?

The post celebrating one year of kidney health success still remains on the front page of this blog, and I've obviously been a bit absent. I'd love to take the time to explain all the reasons why I've virtually stopped blogging (not only here, but on all my blogs and in all the forums I used to participate in) but the easiest explaination is simple: I've needed a vacation from all things "kidney-related'.

I appreciate your emails and will continue to offer thoughts and advice when asked. I hope to someday return to MyKidney.com and write more frequently...

...but for now, I want to enjoy today and be thankful for my brother, his kidney, my family and everyone who was with me (and still is) through my kidney journey.

You guys rock!

P.S. Find me on Twitter - I'm @iKrissi