I think my life is 'normal': 15 months post-transplant

I can hardly believe it's been 15 months since my kidney transplant. Wow, has time flown!

Have you been wondering about me and about the health of my transplanted kidney? Wondering what I've been up to and what I'm planning for my 'normal' future? Read on...

My kidney is doing really good, so good, in fact, that my doctor seems to want to see me less and less (something that is taking me awhile to get used to!)

I'm also having blood drawn only about once every 6 weeks - can you imagine a life without needles? I almost can!! My creatinine is holding steady between .8 - 1.0 and my transplant medications are at the lowest doses imaginable. I take 2mg of Prograf in the morning and 1.5 in the evening, in addition to 360mg of Myfortic twice a day. That's it! No steroids or other transplant-related medications.

In the rest of my 'normal' life, I'm busy planning my wedding, being a mom to an eight-year-old boy (with boundless amounts of energy) and hoping to go back to work soon or re-enroll in college to finish my degree.

The most recent (and exciting!) news to report is that our family is about to take a huge step... in a west-bound direction. Sometime after the first of the year we will be moving out of the state of Florida. We're not 100% certain exactly where we'll be in the state of California, but we hope to live somewhere in-between the San Diego and South Orange County area. Additionally, there is a small chance that we may move to Colorado, instead.

Life is moving me forward... literally!

A note about MyKidney.com and my obvious frequent absence:

The more time passes, and the further away I get from chronic kidney disease/dialysis/transplantation, the less I feel like blogging about kidney topics. No, I'm not in denial that kidney disease will forever be part of my life, I'm just not needing to put it first in my life on a constant basis.

I can actually say to myself "I will probably be alive tomorrow," instead of "I might be alive tomorrow," - there's a big difference between the two.

On that note -

While I know this website has been (and hopefully continues to be) a resource for so many other kidney patients, I won't be (personally) blogging as much - but never fear, the site and blog are staying put... I could never take it offline. This site, and I (and the other bloggers) will be here to help, listen, offer advice and share our on-going experiences with you.

Please keep in mind that I'm always on the lookout for some serious bloggers who'd like to contribute to this site, so please remind me (again!) if you're interested in becoming a MyKidney.com blogger.

Also, feel free to email me to stay in touch. Stay close and be happy!

I am so happy for you. I am exactly one year behind you in the transplant department. As great as i feel now, i can only hope i feel as good as you. Good luck with everything!

o yes like me, but i cope up in this sickness

Congrats! Sounds like you are on auto pilot with your transplant; less visits to the doctor is GOOD!

Thanks for the great blog and resource. Both your and Jeff's blog have been extremely helpful to me as I am about 1 month out from transplant. It is a very scary step (because both my husband and I will be under the knife), but seeing the great progress and outcome you and Jeff have had gives me courage and confidence this is the right step for me.

I'm on dialysis now and very much looking forward to ending that, and getting my mind back (I know you know what I'm talking about).

Thanks again.


Your going to do great. My sister donated to me in June... I was back at work within 8 weeks. 3 Months post surgery... i cant beleive i can feel this good. I will warn you though, for me i wasa 6 weeks of not feeling great, and then in that 7th week, it was like a switch was flipped. I wasnt ready for it to take that long, and iw as getting worried. My sister, was back regularly excercising within 3-4 weeks.

WIshing you the best of luck!


^^ thanks for information ^^
do you thinks your life is normal ?

God Bless you Krissi.. Hope that you will get cured fully natural.. :)

I FULLY understand about "getting my mind back". You won't BELIEVE what a difference it will be!

I didn't know about my transplant until hours before the surgery, so I was in a little different situation, although not knowing would in some ways be easier (the ups and downs are not); I guess each has it's pros and cons; the important thing is the end result.

Just be sure to go in KNOWING that it will work, and you have 3/4 of the battle won. I think of complications as "speed bumps", not problems. It's much easier to deal with things that way. I've had a few speed bumps along the way, but in the grand scheme of things, life is good despite them.

Good luck.


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