My Kidney Blog Maintenance

The My Kidney Blog site has been updated -

~ Upgraded to Drupal 6.4.

~ Installed the new releases of the Comment Notify, Comment Closer and Akismet modules.

  • Note to fellow MyKidney Bloggers: You will now start receiving emails whenever someone leaves comments on your posts!
  • Note to Everyone: The Comment Closer module will auto-close commenting on posts older than one month. If you read an archived post and have something to say, the My Kidney Bloggers would love to receive a contact email.
  • Note to Spammers: Akismet will eat you.

~ My Kidney Blog has been added to under the Health category. When you've got a moment, take a peek at AllTop's site and check out the new sidebar button. Good job, everyone!

Enjoy the updates to My Kidney Blog and we'll be seeing you here again, soon!


Congrats on making it into alltop!

Thank you!


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