Why I Blog

Taking inspiration from Penny's question "Why do you blog?" I thought I'd turn my answer into a Thursday Thirteen post.

I blog because I want to! Aside from that...

I blog because I want to share my experience and thoughts about adopting and adoptive parenting. I write about adoption because I believe my opinions are valid and should be recognized as equal to all other adoption viewpoints.

I blog because I want to connect with other kidney disease patients. I write about my personal kidney-related health issues to express my emotions about living with chronic illness and to prove to the world that living with chronic illness does not equal chronic unhappiness.

I blog out of a sense of urgency to advocate for the issues for which I believe are the most important - mainly adoption/adoption parenting/adoption reform and kidney disease/organ donation awareness.

I blog to express my frustrations... not about anything specifically, but about everything specifically.

I blog to explore my insecurities, and I find that sometimes I blog to discover my insecurities. Blogging about what bothers me most helps me figure out why I feel the way I do.

I blog when I need a friend who does nothing but silently listens reads...

... although, I also blog when I need a friend to leave a comment to offer advice, support or point out things that I might not have otherwise realized or considered.

I blog as a form of self-therapy and to record my thoughts so that I may look back at them when I need to remind myself where I've come from and where I'm going. Of course this also creates a great record of my life and a journal of who I am.

I blog because I feel much less inhibited in expressing myself online, especially about difficult to discuss topics. I can always delete a comment (although I very rarely do) that has gone awry, but I can't un-speak words said during an in-person conversation.

I blog to make friends!

I blog to be controversial and non-conformist (when the topic at hand warrants it.) I also blog to be united with others (when the topic at hand warrants it.)

I blog because it makes me happy - that is pretty simple, wasn't it?

It is great that despite your kidney problem, you find time to share your personal experience with people on the web whether they are suffering from kidney diseases or not. Blogging is a not only a great communication tool in normal circumstances but also a useful theraputic tool in situations like yours. Good luck blogging.

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