How I'm feeling

Hello blogger world. Yes, I realize I've been a bit absent from this blog for awhile, but I'm sure you'll forgive me, right?

Yesterday and today I've been feeling really achy. I'm wondering if I'm having another "fibro-flare"... I should count my lucky stars as I haven't really had one since Thanksgiving (all the other chronic pain from other stuff doesn't count..)

I'm working really hard on this site - half of the work is learning how to use Drupal to it's full advantage. I tend to reverse-engineer things which, of course, takes longer than just learning it before trying to apply it.

As of now - 2008/05/28 @ 2242 EST - I realize I need a break. Maybe I'll go watch some TV for once (instead of blogging/Twittering/site-building!)

P.S. If you're reading this from a feed, would you mind coming on over to take my little 10-second survey? I'm interested to know who reads my blog.