I'm Away, Leave a Message

My Kidney Blog has been offline far longer than I ever anticipated for it to be. Even though a disaster of sorts has occurred here on this site, a bigger disaster has occurred in my personal life.

Aside from this site losing more than 6 weeks worth of blog posts, I've also lost all the user accounts and most of my custom settings (sidebars, etc.) I need to have time to work on the site and get it back up and running... it just can't happen at this very moment.

I'd gladly have given away my entire website and everything in it to have my lost friend back...

While I try to deal with (comprehend? understand?) and help during such a tragic time, I've decided to put the My Kidney Blog back online, even in it's very limited capacity.

I apologize for being away, but I have bigger things to attend to. Please keep checking back to see the site progress back to its usual self.

... and please send good thoughts toward my husband's best friend's family.