I'd like to stand on my own two feet thankyouverymuch

Since my last post about the side-effects due to the increase in Myfortic, I've been the lucky recipient of a few more new issues. You know, more stomach stuff, appetite messed up...

But, vertigo? WTF?

On Saturday night Ken and I and our out-of-town friend Denise went to the Gasparilla Knight Parade in Ybor City. It's kinda a tradition for the Ken and I, and the more friends who come with, the more fun we have.... usually.

We always get a good place right on the fence with the best potential to catch beads. Usually I stand on the fence, lean over and scream like hell for beads. This year... not so much.

Every time I stood up on the fence next to Denise all I could do was hold on and hope not to fall over. I finally gave up after about a half-hour and went toward the back of the crowd with Ken. I luckily found a doorstep to sit on and was perfectly happy there - until I tried to stand up. When I would stand up everything would start to black out and I would feel myself sway into la-la land. Good thing Ken was there.

And the vertigo has been happening at other times, too - pretty much any time I stand.

I'm left wondering if this is something that will resolve itself soon.... I hope? I'd really like to stand on my own two feet, thankyouverymuch.