Friday is too Soon

My next surgery, my hoo-hoo-ectomy (hysterectomy & oophorectomy) is Friday. THIS Friday. I don't have time to get all the things done I want to do between then and now.

I need to clean my house, especially some spots on the carpets. The Christmas decorations need to be put away and all the 'regular' decor reassembled. I have to write out a whole list of instructions for my mom (who gets here the day after my surgery to help with Alek) such as what time(s) and where to pick him up from school and so-on. I need to do some serious "blogging ahead" so posts I want up when I'm away will post themselves.

I need to take a chill pill?

At least my vacation during the holidays was timed perfectly - I mostly didn't think about my health the entire time (or apparently my weight, as I gained a bunch...) Being home, though, I'm stressing just a tad.

I'm past the 'angry' stage and the 'totally freaked out because I might have cancer' stage and I've moved firmly onto the 'let's just get it over with' stage.

I'm still worried about my kidney and trying not to stress that it's in the same general area as where the newest surgeon will be cutting. And I'm just worried in a general sense about my kidney - I mean, it's only been 7 months.


I'll be sending you some extra strength relax pills. To be followed by a course of the super speedy recovery pills.

Doctors orders. :)

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