Another day, another LifeLink appointment

More blood work this morning, early. Trending in the "good and ever-so-slightly-better" mode...

My creatinine is 1.1 (so, it's slowly coming down one-tenth of a point about every day) but my BUN is still really high. Today my BUN was 28 - the highest it's been since this whole 'ordeal' began last week. Again, for reference, it should be less than 18.

My potassium was back down to normal, as was my glucose (which surprised me since I drank a Frapachino an hour before they drew blood). The other counts are normal, even my WBCs have dropped back to a post-transplant acceptable range.

Just more "waiting and seeing" - I have another appointment with my 'regular' kidney doctor on Monday and a LifeLink clinic + doctor appointment on Tuesday.

My BUN continues to bother me. I should do some research to see if the Prednisone (which I took the last dose of yesterday) could still be making the level higher.