Loooonnnnng day

The day has gone on and on... it's hard to remember that I was in Tampa at 7:30 AM this morning, bright and early for labs.

I didn't sleep again, last night. The Prednisone is killing any last remaining shred of something I once remember was called 'slumber'.

The good news is - I get to stop taking the Prednisone immediately - LifeLink gave me the OK to taper it off by Friday. 60mg yesterday, 40 today, 20 tomorrow, 10 the day after - D-O-N-E.

The other news is - 'no news' on why I've been going through this kidney weirdness. This morning my creatinine was down, only slightly, to 1.2. My BUN and other numbers still wacky, but the Doc claims it could be due to the over-the-weekend Solumedrol. My glucose wasn't high enough to need insulin, today, so that is a plus, but it was still higher than normal.

I have another LifeLink appointment on Friday AM, an appointment with my regular Neph on Monday AM, and another LifeLink lab/doctor appointment on Tues. Sometime in-between now and then I have at least one other appointment with a non-kidney-related doctor.

I'm so very thankful that my kidney is trending in the 'better' position, instead of 'stuck' or 'worse'... I continue to hope for the best - and thank you to all of you who have sent so many good thoughts my direction *HUGS*

Other than my LifeLink appointment, today I: cleaned my house (with Ken's significant help), did laundry, went to Wal-Mart, filled four prescriptions, tried to nap (and didn't), received delivered flowers from my brother and SIL, cleaned out/off my computer desk, cleaned the hall closet, and threw away most of my old prescription drugs... and the day continues. Is it only really 2130?

Tomorrow, my friend Shaun is coming over from Orlando to spend a couple of days hanging out with me. I'm looking forward to just 'chilling out' for awhile.

Did I mention I'm alsosoooo looking forward to next weekend, too? Yay for another out of town guest and a big giant Gasparilla pirate fest to take my mind off everything!

Krissi, I just got caught up on the craziness of the last couple of weeks- holy moly! I'm so glad the biopsy results were positive. Hopefully, whatever is causing your odd labs is determined and resolved soon. I know how truly disturbing it is to see haywire lab readings. Fingers cross that you are able to regain some sleep once you ween of the pred. Good vibes comin' your way from NorCal.

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