For as much as I lay around, one would think I don't need sleep. Wrong. I lay around trying to sleep, but the actual 'sleeping' part of that isn't really happening. I really hate to drug myself into oblivious unconsciousness, mainly because I keep telling myself "it's not normal" to do it. So, as a reward for my stubbornness, about every-other-night I get next to no sleep. Like last night.

Note to self: Remember to ask Transplant Doctor next week if there is anything that can be done, short of the pharmaceutical remedy.


12/15/07: Insomnia, continued...


Do you consider herbal tea to be pharmaceutical? I found that tea with chamomile works, though I really loathe the taste. Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer also worked (also tastes weird), but, just to warn you, the Tension Tamer Extra is apparently not okay for people with kidney problems. Since I found that out, I was wary of even the non-Extra version.

The Night Night tea from Teavana (aka Tranquil Dream) works pretty well, but, again, doesn't taste very good.

I had killer insomnia initially (thanks, prograf!) and now just have it intermittently. I alternate between drug-free and sleeping, drug-free and not sleeping, and either tea, OTC sleep drugs or the super-expensive Ambien CR, which generally works for me.

Good luck! Insomnia sucks.

I've tried the teas (in fact, we have a whole cupboard in the kitchen dedicated to tea since both Ken and I like tea of all types) but you're right - the ones with chamomile aren't the best. I don't mind them, sometimes, but I have to be in the mood for the flavor... and that's not usually right before I'm trying to sleep.

I've also tried warm milk in a variety of different ways and its about as effective as tea. The OTC meds don't work for me (although when I'm desperate I take a couple of Benadryl) but the prescriptions do - just not as effectively as I'd like. I have to take BOTH Trazodone and Ambien to fall asleep and even with those, I usually don't sleep for 8 solid hours.

We should chat in the middle of the night sometime when we're both awake LOL

Hey Krissy --

I noticed you take your prograf at 9:30 a.m./p.m. I had my transplant Dec. 18 and also suffered from insomnia. I'm on a 5/6 Prograf dose. My neph recommended taking the prograf earlier in the evening to deal with the insomnia. Prograf revs up your metabolism, and peaks about 2 hours after you take it -- hence the waking up in the middle of the night (I was also doing that). Since I changed the time I take the medicine -- about 7 p.m. now -- I haven't had problems.

At the same visit, my neph recommended I take Myfortic 30 minutes before dinner. That moved that medication to earlier in the evening as well. I think that also helped.

Good luck --


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